Gain on the train. Take the bus. For those who have had enough of train delays and cancellations, we say: Let the delays be your journeys best deal. When a train arrives late to one of Sweden's ten largest railway stations, it is automatically switched into a discount that can be used on any journey with Swebus.

1 minute train delay gives 1% bus discount. 2 minutes is converted into 2% etcetera. If a train is cancelled, well then your bus ticket is free.

The discounts are valid for travels between January 2 and 17 March 2013. Our seats are limited, Hurry! Book your tickets now.

 About the Train Switch

Travel comfortable, flexible and environmentally friendly. Each week, we have over 10.000 departures. On board you have free 5 Mbit WiFi and power outlets. Watch a movie, listen to a podcast or dream yourself away in the passing winter landscape while our modern buses take you to your destination. On time.

The most popular routes are marked with a price guarantee. If you find a cheaper express bus ride, you get the difference + a reward of 50 kr.

Book your tickets at or call 0771-218 218.

Happy Holidays!

A nice journey